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Environmental, Health and Safety

MEXCENTRIX can provide health and safety regulatory compliance. We integrate our environmental health and safety services into your internal operations and procedures. We manage services for industry safety and evaluation of the NOM (Mexican Official Rules), including:

Safety Standards

Systems and Safety Device Machinery

Coordinating the development and monitoring of studies to analyze the potential risks generated by machinery and equipment, creating an inventory of all hazardous conditions and factors affecting the health of workers including:

  1. Moving parts, heat generation and static machinery and equipment;
  2. Cutting surfaces and heating raw materials, material in production, and finished product.;
  3. Management and tool conditions.

For all risk is detected, determine:

  1. Type of damage;
  2. Severity of the damage;
  3. Probability of occurrence.

Handling, Transportation and Storage of Hazardous Materials

Coordination and follow-up study to analyze the potential risks of hazardous chemicals, if applicable.

Develop and maintain procedure manuals for the handling, transportation and safe storage of hazardous chemicals, including container identification.

Fire Prevention and Protection

Require, coordinate, and follow up on the recommendations of the fire-risk study in the workplace or member-areas, such as plants, buildings or levels in accordance with the provisions of Appendix “A” of this standard. 

Have fire brigades in workplaces classify fire risk, in accordance with Chapter 9 of this standard, developing fire emergency drills at least once a year for workplaces classified as ordinary risk of fire and at least twice a year for those with high risk of fire. 

Develop a program of theoretical and practical training in annual fire prevention and emergency response, as provided in Chapter 11 of this standard, as well as train workers and members of the fire brigade.

Material Handling and Storage

Develop a specific program for the inspection and maintenance of equipment used in the handling and storage of materials.

Development of procedures for installation, operation and maintenance of the machinery used in the handling and storage of materials and attention to emergencies that occur during use.

Develop procedures for management activities and storage of materials by hand, providing for the support of auxiliary equipment, if any.

Maintenance of Electrical Installations.

Coordinate the implementation of the updated line diagram of the electrical installation of the workplace, based on the NOM-001-SEE-2005 provisions, or substitute provisions, and the general picture of branch circuit loads installed, all of which is available for personnel performing maintenance of facilities.

Develop safety procedures for electrical installation maintenance activities such as the selection and use of work equipment, machinery, tools and implementation of insulating protection and placement system temporary grounding, and activities arising from this..

Pressure Vessels and Boilers.

Records confirm installation of each compressor in the workplace, as established in Chapter 9 of this standard..

Develop and implement specific inspection and maintenance programs for equipment classified in categories II and III, based on the provisions in this Standard.

Develop and implement programs and calibrated to control instruments and devices

Pressure relief equipment, as applicable section of the Standard.

Organization Standards

Personal Protective Equipment

Identify and analyze the risks of work to which workers are exposed by each job and workplace area. This information should be recorded and kept updated as the tools and work processes, with at least the following data are not modified:

Determine personal protective equipment, to be used by workers depending on the risks of work which may be exposed by their activities or areas where they are.

Should the risk analysis the need for work clothes protective features is established, it will be considered personal protective equipment.

Preventive Safety and Health Services

Develop a comprehensive diagnosis of health and safety conditions of the workplace, in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 6. The comprehensive assessment shall include the various areas, sections or processes that constitute the workplace. Coordinate safety and health program at work, prepared based on the diagnosis Chapter 6. The program shall be updated at least once a year.


Health and Safety Committees

Form and join at least one committee in the workplace, in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 7 of the Standard.

Appoint their representatives to participate in the workplace commission. Such appointment shall be made based on the functions performed.

Having the charter of the commission of the workplace, and their updates, when its integration is modified in accordance with the provisions of this Standard.

Color and Safety Signs

Ensure that the application of color, signage and identification of the pipeline subject to maintenance at all times to ensure visibility and legibility.

Locate signs and safety so that they can be observed and interpreted by workers who are intended, preventing them from being blocked or that the effectiveness of these is diminished by the saturation of ads different from the prevention of occupational risks.

Provide training to workers on the correct interpretation of the signaling elements of the workplace.

Identification of Dangers and Risks for Chemical Substances

Identify tanks, vessels and areas containing hazardous chemicals or waste with the marking required.

Communicate the hazards and risks to all workers in the workplace and contractor personnel who are exposed to hazardous chemicals, according to the identification system set up and maintain a register of workers who have been informed.

Provide training to workers on the correct interpretation of the signaling elements of the workplace.

Report on Occupational Hazards

Involve knowledge of the Commission for Health and Safety, workplace accidents occur, or diseases that are detected, so that it fulfills the functions established and independently, give notice to the labor authorities.

Keep records of the notices of accidents or occupational diseases occurring, containing, where appropriate, the necessary statistical data.

Health Standards

Chemical Contaminants

Train workers and health and safety committee to understand the potential health risks from exposure to contaminants in the working environment.

Coordinate the carrying out of the working environment pollutant study that includes recognition and evaluation, and establishes items needed to prevent changes in the health of workers exposed to these contaminants.

Monitor and update the study evaluating the concentration of contaminants in the working environment collated against LMPE Appendix I.

Train workers exposed to contaminants in the working environment, based on the potential risk to health, and preventative and control measures taken by the employer


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